You know what I really hate in celeb world?

Right away, after a celebrity has a baby and leaves the house for some event for the first time, what’s the first thing that all the press and celebrity gossips ask?

How does she look after the pregnancy?

I heard this on a celeb news commercial today while watching Vampire Diaries. They were talking about Beyonce. She had Blue Ivy like what? A week ago? And she’s already expected to look all dolled up, sexy, and in million dollar dresses again?

Excuse me? Have you been pregnant? Or have you known someone who was pregnant? Then you should know that it’s fucking exhausting! You don’t just have the baby and then the next day you’re all glowing and gorgeous like you’ve been kissed by the friggin’ sun. You sleep. And then you sleep. And then you sleep. And then you go home, and guess what? THEN YOU SLEEP. And when you finally recover from sleeping, you still have a baby to take care of! Which needs you 24/7! Shame on her for loving and taking care of her beautiful baby and not obsessing over getting rid of her new stretch marks and leftover hanging skin!

Why isn’t the first question: “How’s the new mommy doing?” “Is motherhood all you expected it to be?” “How’s the baby doing in her first week?” ALL QUESTIONS YOU ASK A NON-CELEB NEW MOTHER. I dare them to go up to a non celeb person’s family and ask after a week, “How does she look after the pregnancy?” Watch how fast they get punched. You don’t ask that! It’s incredibly rude and disrespectful!

Beyonce does look like her same amazing self, of course. But what if she didn’t? What if there was a little extra flabbyness or very visible stretch marks showing? Who the fuck cares?! She just. Had. A baby!!!

It’s like right after labor they expect you to be rolled into immediate lyposuction. “What? You wanna hold and love your newborn? No way! You’re too disgusting! We gotta remove this fat and these hideous stretch marks ASAP! The way you are now, you’ll scare your kid!” I mean, really? Really?

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