I have some terrible news everyone.

While the official trial doesn’t start until Monday, the Steubenville Ohio case has been going on all weekend. While ALL the boys involved have come clean about what happened that night, this information didn’t come without a cost. The boys involved, such as the one in the infamous video, were given immunity in exchange for the information. 

More info coming soon

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    And now I can’t stop crying.
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    If they get immunity for confessing, why are they even bothering with a trial?
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    Are you fucking kidding me!? Seriously!? Someone please tell me this is a huge misunderstanding. What the fuck!? I...
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    wow no
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    immunity doesn’t mean they’re off the hook but what the fuck
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    Let’s hope the rapists get something.
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    And this is why, among many other reasons, I’m (not so) secretly hoping that a tornado levels that fucking town real...
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    I knew I didn’t want to check the #Steubenville tag. IMMUNITY. FOR A CONFESSION. THAT’S OUR INJUSTICE SYSTEM, EVERYONE.
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